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Random from Heather :heart:

Note to Heather

Fandom-OC-Queen Commission 2/6 by QhostLamb
Hello, Heather Gift-A-Thon: Day 2 by Fandom-OC-Queen
I wanted to do something really special this year and tell you how much I care about you and how much you make my life better Gift: Heather by QueensNebula your one of the best friends I have ever had Commission/Gift by QueensNebula no matter how gloomy the day you manage to bring a smile to my face Gift: Heather Icon by QueensNebula for as long as I can remember I have hated the concept of living Heather Pagedoll by Fandom-OC-Queen and yet talking to you always makes me forget my suffering Gift: Heather Icon by Fandom-OC-Queen your comments make me so happy I smile all the times I read them ED x Heather Shimeji by Fandom-OC-Queen I could read the same comment from you 20 times and it will still put a smile on my face Random Heather thing 1 by Fandom-OC-Queen it makes me really happy to have someone who understands me and what I am going through Gift: Heather by QueensNebula that someone out there is like me and needs help, love and support Hlwar Bday Icon by Fandom-OC-Queen I am so happy I met you DNA: Klaxon the dog by PrincessPastelGalaxy if I hadn't I would probably be dead by now [Gift]Player Klaxon by PrincessPastelGalaxy you know more about me than anyone else does Fandom-OC-Queen commission 6/6 by QhostLamb you have pulled me off the edge so many times by just being there Klaxon by QueensNebula and I wanted to say Simple Couple PageDoll for Hlwar by Fandom-OC-Queen
Thank you for making life worth living Gift: I ain't afraid of no ghosts by QueensNebula Heather Klaxon Stamp by QueensNebula I will never stop caring about you and I will never stop being your friend Bine x Klaxon Desktop Pet by Fandom-OC-Queen

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:Baes till the end :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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I just went several hours without electricity

but I have it now <33
I think I talked with someone about addin their OC to one of my RWBY Teams but I can't remember what OC 

I think it was Qhost I was talking to 
but the whole thing could have been a dream as well @____@

Into the Nothing | Part I
I. Así es como se siente cuando recuperas tu vida.
Never. He hadn't just said it, he meant it.
No matter the context of the conversation, whether it was subtle hints or a direct enquiry, his father kept posing the same question to him: Why not return to S.T.A.R. Labs? Just for an hour, to update his records. Just for a day, to make sure his health was fine. Perhaps remain the week while his father finished his latest project?
Only for a little while. And subsequently allowing the other scientists to poke and prod his son for signs of his power escalating. Eduardo didn't even need to think it over.
"Never again. Padre, I don't even know why you keep asking."
"I like being able to keep an eye on you."
Ed felt slighted and he couldn't stop the irritation from rising to his tone. "I told you I'm not gonna run away again. I was running here anyway."
Not that New Mexico was any better than Argentina, it seemed. He thought being in America, being wit

Into the Nothing | Part II
II. La debilidad de uno es la fortaleza de otro.
As soon as Ed got back to his father's apartment—three hours later than he should have—he immediately gulped down four aspirins and went to his room, collapsing on his bed in a weary heap. Although the guilt from the morning was gone, replaced with relief and slight satisfaction, he couldn't shake the throbbing ache from using his power.
Even back when battling the Reach, he always refrained from teleporting with another person; he did it once to rescue his father and had no desire to do it again. Not only did it hurt himself, but also the person traveling with him. He was sure his father had since fantasized several hypotheses in an attempt to explain why. Although it was his field and Eduardo's power was clearly Zeta-related, his father was no medical expert, and he wasn't about to go through those tests too.
But as far as he knew, even a Zeta tube only allowed persons in single file. Like the tech,

Into the Nothing | Part III
III. Mejor solo que mal acompañado.
Alone, Ed sat on the curb outside the local baseball field, not far from his school. Evening was lengthening into night, and although the daytime temperature was unseasonably high, the weather was growing increasingly colder at night. Ed shivered against the chill; he hadn't expected to be out this late.
After his shocking encounter with Billy, he thought it wise to kill time instead of returning home. Just in case. Ed had circled the main drag in town, stopping at the local arcade to survey the streets, but there was never any sign of the muscle car. After awhile, he dared to go back the way he'd come, back to the high school grounds. Still uneasy, he loitered in the vicinity, street skating until all the half-hearted kickflips and practice grinds got boring.
Now he was unsure of the time, blindly lost in his own thoughts. Frankly, he was worried. It seemed strange someone would be so pleased by his display of superhuman power

Into the Nothing | Part IV
IV. El que mucho abarca, poco aprieta.
Stand up and face him. That was his original plan, but unfortunately, as usual, things weren't going in his favor.
Eduardo had skipped his morning classes and took to the streets in the Common, hunting for Billy and positive the other was continuing to follow his every move in turn. Yet neither the college boy, nor his muscle car, ever surfaced. Ed was extremely tired but he was sure his judgment was sound; he still had the impression he was being watched, constantly.
"So where are you?" he whispered to the air.
The feeling never dulled, wicked eyes bearing down on him, and as storm clouds rolled in from the California coast, Ed's mood grayed just as the sky did. Whatever shadows Billy was lurking in, it didn't seem as if he wanted to put in an appearance. So Eduardo had no choice but to give up on the showdown and return to school, uninspired and discouraged.
With the approaching storm's increasing winds following him, Ed

Into the Nothing | Part V
V. No me iré ni te dejaré atrás.
"Ed, my man! ¡Qué bueno verte de nuevo!"
Despite the rough night, there was a glimmer of hope when he opened the door and saw Virgil Hawkins grinning brightly. As Eduardo clapped his hand into the offered arm, he felt a rush of familiarity wash over him. With a smile, he instantly pulled Virgil to him in a brotherly hug. He didn't realize it before, but he missed him a great deal; their little runaway group was perhaps his first real family since leaving Argentina and his memories of them as individuals—as friends—were affectionate.
"So you finally learned some Spanish, hermano," Ed laughed.
"Yeah, but that's about the extent of my dialogue. For now. See, being in the superhero gig you have to learn all the major languages. Never know where you'll be deployed next."
At the word superhero, Ed's smile faded. The tremendous enthusiasm in Virgil's voice set him on edge, and he

Into the Nothing | Part VI
VI. Vivir para los moribundos.
Through the darkness, Static rode the electromagnetic field at ground level, coasting across the empty area of the high school. He glided around each building, watchful to any sound and movement—so far there was nothing. Inside, he could see the reflection of lit night generators, the glare from computers still active. But otherwise the public structures were void of life; everyone had gone home for the day.
Come on, Ed, he wished silently. Gimme a sign or somethin'. Anything! He was just maneuvering across the pavement of the rear employee parking lot when he thought his wish had been granted. There was a quick, darting rush ahead, as if someone bolted from the darker shadows to the municipal building doors.
Static lifted the pulse, generating the Saucer into a higher, faster progression. He sailed under the covered pathway from the lot to the courtyard, the electricity crackling loudly against the walls of the enclos

Into the Nothing | Part VII
VII. Sé que podemos salir con vida.
No! He wouldn't give up. I'm not gonna die tonight.
Eduardo forced himself to stay calm and breathe shallowly. He could do this—he had to! Whatever it took, he knew he had to get free and save Virgil. This was his fight, his responsibility. Billy had accused him of not being imaginative enough and he knew this moment was to test those limits.
The only way out was his power. The scientists had told him because his teleportation was Zeta-related, it needed a fixed destination, the beam traveling from Point A to Point B. Therefore, he could only teleport along sightlines. Science was technical and precise; it had rules. But what if they were wrong? They'd been wrong before, when they believed he could only teleport himself. And he wasn't a portal. The Zeta power was inside him, and he was in control.
Besides, Ed was good at breaking rules.
Let's break this one.
He closed his eyes, settling q

Into the Nothing | Epilogue
Epilogue. Siga adelante...
"It is only for today," Eduardo Sr. said as he turned off the car engine. "I promise, mijo."
Staring out the windshield at the S.T.A.R. complex, Ed inhaled deeply, refusing to let the breath out in an immature sigh. Instead, he nodded. It had been his decision, his request, to return to the labs after his hellish ordeal with Billy Numerous. Even though he felt perfectly fine, he wanted to be certain his meta-power didn't progress too rabidly for his body.
Talking to his father was no longer like pulling teeth—well, not always anyway—and when he opened up to his Dad about teleporting from underground, his namesake had been thunderstruck. On top of that, Ed had also teleported with another person multiple times in a small timeframe, even with the pain. He had busted several theories, dispelled many disbeliefs.
"Possibly, the more you use the power, the stronger it becomes," Eduardo Sr. had hypothesized.
"No," his son had said
Louder Than Words | Chapter 1
"With no choice, their backs to the wall,
work with us or lose it all..."

"What do you say?"
Virgil looked from Eduardo to Tye, sharing their same feelings of worry and uncertainty. He could tell Ed had misgivings over Lex Luthor's desire for trust, and in Tye's eyes was a bleak dare, as if asking what other alternatives they had at this point. When he turned to Asami, he found her hopefully watching the boys, waiting for them to lead the way. They were tired, hungry, and left without much choice—and here was someone offering a helping hand. Even better, he was offering them the chance to pave their own way. Virgil relented.
"Okay," he said. "I guess we're in."
Luthor smiled, a pleasant, charismatic flash of his teeth holding little warmth. His face was also a stony enigma, a seasoned businessman used to offering only what he felt necessary at the time; right now, his eyes were encouraging and friendly. Yet Virgil decided he didn't like Lex Luthor very much.
"But only o

Louder Than Words | Chapter 2
"Running and running, 'til I hit the edge.
From this day on I liberate myself."

Tye was used to what he called "hardcore camping", having been raised to appreciate his heritage and spending much of his childhood in the wilderness and El Paso pueblos; so he freely chose to sleep on the floor, giving Virgil the single bed. Neither of them got any actual sleep, and he heard the fulgurkinetic boy toss, turn, and sigh until five in the morning. And now Tye felt too awake to even bother forcing rest.
He lay on his side, holding the dog tags he always wore up to the approaching light of dawn. Not that he needed the hazy new sun to read by; the identification was too personal not to know by heart. His father had been in the U.S. Army, proud to bring his people's name to the good of the nation. And Tye was only three years old when the Iraq War broke out. His father had been deployed after the initial invasion force a few years later, during the worst of the fighting. He didn't come

Louder Than Words | Chapter 3
"Then the traveler in the dark,
thanks you for your little spark.
He could not see which way to go,
if you did not twinkle so."

"You want us to split up?"
They were back outside the same convenience store, at an hour so late it was barricaded with a barred gate and weighted padlock. The neighborhood was obviously used to seeing some devious kids because graffiti decorated the metal grates; the extra locks undoubtedly the response to break-ins. Even the overhead light outside the threshold boasted a broken bulb, another sign of hard times.
Sensing the apprehension in his tone, Tye looked at Eduardo with a comforting grin. "Yeah. We'll cover more ground that way, make it look like more than a random gang occurrence."
"No offense, man," Virgil said, "but shouldn't someone stay with you, just in case? I mean, you know..."
"Worried about me losing control?" Virgil gave him a sheepish look. Tye held his hands in front of his eyes in vexation. Then he fisted them with a little ang

Louder Than Words | Chapter 4
"There's no hate, there's no love,
only dark skies that hang above...
But I found in you what was lost in me,
in a world so cold and empty."

Virgil watched with muddled emotions as Tye closed the door to their rented space, threw the lock, and then quickly followed up with the chain and bolt. Tye looked angry again. On the sofa, Ed and Sam stared straight ahead, and both appeared pale and wide-eyed.
He heard himself ask, "What happened? You two look like ya seen a ghost." That sounded eccentric, but he was beyond tired, totally sapped of strength, and after the night he had nothing would surprise him now.
Sam blankly stared back at him. After a moment, she reached down and picked up the English/Japanese dictionary from Luthor, quietly turning pages and seeming to ignore him. Ed, however, became grim.
"No sé," he mumbled heavily. "No ghost has footsteps." Then he growled softly, sounding both disturbed and frustrated. "No sé," he said again. "An

Louder Than Words | Chapter 5
"And everything you try to say to me, you said it all before.
You only fuel the fire, can't you see?
And now I want it more, it makes me want it more."

Twilight was quietly settling in, forcing the hidden sun deeper towards the horizon in washed out tones of mauve. The grey clouds which had blanketed the sky all day rolled tighter, thicker, and were now threatening rain. Eduardo Jr. stood as if frozen to the sidewalk, staring at the telephone booth in front of him. Hesitantly, he looked back down the block at the apartment complex where the others were still plotting, then back to the payphone, fingering the coins in his vest pocket. Should he?
With a reluctant sigh, he slipped into the outdated kiosk, sealing himself inside as he continued to struggle with his decision. He wasn't sure if the payphone was a wise choice, remembering Lex Luthor warning them to stay off landlines. Then again, last night Tye had suspicions of Luthor's mobile devices being bugged. But that wasn't

Louder Than Words | Chapter 6
"Pushing past, pushing through the pain.
You can't tell where the sun is rising.
Night is darkest just before the day."

They traveled along side roads and over laneways, staying behind houses and within the shadows. All night they kept pace, stopping only to destroy any of the Reach's media fanfare they came upon, their thirst for payback at its peak. Finally, Virgil led them into a 24-hour diner, even though not a one had an appetite; they sat in silence while Virgil went through the diner's phonebook. By daybreak, the four Runaways came to the nearest motel Virgil could find.
At the front desk he was not required to provide an I.D. and there were no questions asked when he paid in cash. Just the reason he chose this particular type of rest stop. Nevertheless, when the overnight clerk eyeballed the diverse lot, he said with forced humor, "Exchange students. Thought I'd show 'em a night on the town, ya know?"
Sam supplied a tiny wave. "Konnichiwa." Her voice was blear

Louder Than Words | Chapter 7
"I'd rather be a sinner than a slave.
I'd rather be an outcast than just bow down and obey."

Ed emerged from his teleportation light within the shadows of the alleyway across the street, watchfully certain Wilcox hadn't seen; both scientists got into the car and it drove off without hesitation. When this is over, Ed mused to himself. Before, he hadn't any goals for life in America with superpowers. He'd been grateful to have friends and ready to follow their lead. But now, gripping his father's business card like a lifeline, he knew he had somewhere to go when the battle was done.
There was a newfound resolve, and it gave him confidence and purpose he didn't have before. He no longer felt like a lost kid. Pocketing the card, Ed smiled again.
Speaking of lost, he realized he had a block to travel back to Virgil, so he left the darkness before the cops started canvassing the neighborhood. His satisfied, laid-back demeanor changed after only a few steps. Ahead, the traf

Louder Than Words | Chapter 8
"Time—darkness and the light!
It gets too dark and we can't find the way home.
Too tight and we can't seem to let go.
No reason, no right or wrong, only shadows to balance on."

It was growing dark by the time Virgil followed Seymour's final directions, based on his guiding "visual feels". As they got closer to his homestead the way became increasingly easy—and gradually more deserted. The last turn brought them into a cul-de-sac, and at first it appeared to be the local projects, an expanse of split units and row homes all similarly built.  
But every single one was in dire need of repairs, and as Virgil inspected the residences, he could see they were all abandoned. There were boards across broken windows, old gang graffiti, and yards overgrown with brambles and weeds. This run-down section was State-owned and ready for demolition. Probably gonna be a future high-end condo development, he reckoned.  
However, he was confused as to why Seymour'

Louder Than Words | Chapter 9
"And I wonder if we'll make it through the night.
And all I know is if you can't fight learn to die."

Eduardo felt a sharp twinge shoot through his head, between his temples. With a sudden ringing in his ears, he heard the voice behind him. "Mijo."
He stopped mid-step, eyes widening in shock. That's not possible...
There was no way his father could have traced him here. There was no need to; Dr. Dorado couldn't have known his son was suddenly in trouble.
Yet Ed couldn't stop the fleeting thought of hope, a child's age-old desire to have his father's acceptance. It was something he held on to for a long, long time, wishfully thinking his father would come back for him.
No. It's not possible.
Even if it was what he always wanted.
But the low voice was so familiar, even the associated emotions to the rich sound were personal to him, attachments nobody else could know unless they were in his head. The anxious weight on his chest forced him to h

Louder Than Words | Chapter 10
"I fought for all of my life but I have never seen
destruction crawling down the path after me.
But there's a chance to live, a chance to come alive.
I'm running faster now that I know it's my time"

"Ashes, ashes. We all fall down~"
The other girl sang the words in soft repetition, drawing closer with every stanza. Asami sank to her knees under the weight of the accusations and humiliation. No matter how tightly she kept her hands pressed over her ears, she could not drown anything out. It was all true, the voice in her head kept saying. She was never going to be good enough for that world; she had no place there.
"Ashes, ashes. You will fall down~"
"Damare!" She finally screamed back at the girl and the tormenting inner voice. Her own voice sounded wretched to her, sobbing and pitiful. And Asami hated it.
The girl chuckled then, and a sharp click rang out over her amusement. The Japanese girl was too lost in her own self-loathing to notice the pink light flare

Louder Than Words | Chapter 11
"Your demons come to life...
Separate my soul, watch as you expose
all this violence, out of control."

The shadows seemed to swallow the whole room, the taunting kids fading into the darkness, their expressions quickly humbled. Ed and Tye spun to face the alcove and the crooked cross, seeing a man in a white ceremonial robe, his presence almost floating in the night like a ghost. Had he been there the entire time? Ed wondered how he missed him, how nobody seemed to notice.
Approaching them slowly, they found nothing ghost-like about him: strict features on a long face, with charming blue eyes and a vague, almost demanding, smile. Feeling intimidated by the man, Ed dropped his weight into the balls of his feet, ready to defend—or run. Beside him, Tye drew himself up and scowled.
"Now, now," the stranger said. "I am not here to hurt you, and I certainly do not want you to run away."
His voice was resolute and positive, someone perhaps used to

Louder Than Words | Chapter 12
"I won't ever surrender like that. I know better to ever fall back.
The enemy was living in my head—I ripped it out and left it there for dead.
Now I'm alive, I'm feeling born again, and I will fight until the bitter end!"

A hush fell over the center of the room, blanketing the battle-worn teenagers. It was not a comforting victory, the mood sullen and oppressive. The storm outside echoed. Virgil's heart was wildly throbbing in his chest, he could feel it pounding his ribcage, and he realized he was holding his breath. Asami turned to him, her expression alarmed. She shook her head. "Kieta..."
Was he gone? Sebastian Blood wouldn't just run away, he knew it. It ain't over...
Gulping down air, Virgil crawled the short distance to Eduardo, and for a moment his racing heart skipped a beat, dread washing over him. He touched Ed's shoulder, wondering if he ought to move him and suddenly forgetting how to check for a pulse. So he put his hand in front of the bo
I will forever ship the Tiny Fuckers
Draven x Jasper ( possibly the new DNA ship yes ? )