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Mary's sisters ( not in any particular order )

1.Mai ( twin to Mae and loves designing)
2.Mae ( twin to Mai and loves sewing)
3.Marie ( competitive with Maria)
4.Maria ( competitive with Marie)
7. Miranda
11.Mona ( oldest Sister)
12. Martha ( youngest sister)
15. Malory
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18. Mandy
28. Monquie

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okay so I came home from the Doctor and took a nap and the dream I had was awesome but also werid

Ally and Danny were married and had twins (1 boy 1girl) (age16 )
and Meil-li and Peter had a set of twins (1 boy 1 girl also ) (age 16)

and btw older Ally and Mei-li are MILFs XD

but the twins are dating each other and Danny and peter randomly check on them its pretty funny XD

I might do a one-shot based on this if it is okay with you :iconsweetteacutie:
Name: Ally Evens

Superhero Name: Tech-ni (both Loki and Taskmaster know her real identity. )

Villain Name: Overload

Siblings: Lizzie Evens

Parents: Thomas and Felicia Evens (she later finds out that Taskmaster was the one who killed her parents)

Godfather: Nick Fury (childhood friend of Thomas)

Powers: ability to control tech (plastic is her kyptonite; if it is covered in plastic she can't control it)

Talents:she can play the violin and piano;her mother was a world famous musician, and when she was locked away she would play around with all the musical instruments her mother had.  
She has a variety of other talents:
sewing ( she made dolls of the heroes when she was trapped in her room; she still has them XP )  

Job: she works at a cosplay cafe; Mei-li is the only one who knows currently
(I keep wanting to have Danny find out; and I have RPed it twice; but I kinda of want to have him see her in the playboy bunny one XD )

Bust: size 34-36 D
Waist: Size 23-25 S
Hips: Size 28-30
(that part might be a bit confusing XP )

Likes: She tries to like everything

Dislikes: she is trying to be more like Danny; so she tries to find likeable attributes in everything.

Fears: having to make hard decisions; losing those she cares about; losing control of her powers

Allergies: Soy

Favorite Food: Strawberries; Ally loves anything sweet but she loves Strawberries more than anything. (Danny gave her heart shaped strawberries for valentines)

Best friend: Mei-li

Boyfriend/Crush/Fiance: Danny Rand/Iron Fist

School Info: during the first week of school she was bullied by a group of girls for missing gym and for wearing silk sundress to school;
though after several months she becomes popular both as Tech-ni and as Ally; boys asking her out; cheerleaders wanting to hang out with her; this causes a rift between her and the others.
She often (pretty much everyday)  is trying out new veterinarian meals and bring them to Danny as his lunch (as the school does not have a lot of choices)even before become an official couple

Superhero Info: She fails her first couple missions; but similar to school life she becomes popular after a few months; Tech-ni becomes a celebrity; so much so that many teenage boys Creep on Tech-ni (making hentai's and such with her as a character)
this continues the rift between her and her friends.

(Note: After awhile Ally ends up breaking; in front of the team crying about how she didn't want this to happen about how she used to watch them on the TV thinking they were so cool and how happy she was to find such love and friends and she didn't want to lose them)

K'un L'un Info: After passing the tests; she becomes Danny's bride to be; and gets a tatoo of the Iron Fist on her outer left thigh.

Personality: Ally is outgoing; and nice;expect when it comes to Danny she turns into a shy little mouse then.her unusual outlook on the world is what made her popular, as she is amazed by everything the outside world offers. though she pretty much does whatever Danny tells her too;she has moments when she takes control; but she has never made a joke about Danny, or doing anything that would be against him.

Quirks: She can have sex and be 100% fine but when it comes to romance,she gets extremely nervous.
when people compliment her (or Danny smiles directly at her.) she will hide the bottom half of her face.(which is why she starts to wear a scarf)

Extra Info:
Ally has a hard time acting around people as she has spent her whole life trapped so she just goes with the flow most of the time ;acting happy go lucky
her abilities showed up early on;
Ally is kind and caring she wanted to help people and dreamed of Joining Spider-mans team ( she would always watch them on the news)
Her family has had the ability for generations (dating back to the 1500) they where often persecuted for their abilities and decided to hide away from the world (roughly in the 1750's)
Ally felt like her family could have helped people in the past if they had tried; she feels shameful her family had sat back and watched the rest of the world fly by.

their was a family rule that 1 week per year the member who possessed the power would be allowed into the outside world. Lizzie never followed this rule while she kept Ally locked away.

People are drawn to her bright red hair.
Ally Complete Bio
forgot to remove WIP from the title XP

Ally's Outfits
Ally All Outfits DONE by dead2

Ally's work Clothes
Ally Work Cosplay by dead2

Mei-li@ :iconsweetteacutie:

any other info I should add ? 030


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should I open Base art comissions? they would be pretty cheap like 20 :Points: though it will depend on the complexity of the base 

3 deviants said I would buy one
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