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Hey Everyone! I am planning to do something called "Couple Ask" where you ask both characters of gthe ship something/first is Ally x Danny
1 deviant said Sweetneess!
No deviants said I already have a question for them

I saw several Others doing this and since Ally is my main I figured I should do her first <33

I plan to do any of my OCs that have had Fan-art the last year and have a posted/update Bio 

Current in Groups:



Name: Ally Evens 

Superhero Name: Tech-ni (both Loki and Taskmaster know her real identity. ) 

Villain Name: Overload

Siblings: Lizzie Evens

Parents: Thomas and Felicia Evens (she later finds out that Taskmaster was the one who killed her parents)

Godfather: Nick Fury (childhood friend of Thomas)

to control the Eletro Magentic Spectum 
Ally can control anything running on electricity 
If she is extremely happy and her mind is clear she can create a false aurora borealis in the New York Sky (usually happens when she plays her violin on the flight deck) 
she can take a piece of tech and fuse with it then have it become something else 
she can fuse with Tech and make armor
she can upgrade tech (outside of her body)
energy Absorption
energy blasts 

when she is 18 she gains wings made of the tech she has adsorbed

(powers based off the Superheroine Spectrum) 

When in Overload:
she has all her powers but they are maxed 
she can fly and has an electric floating Shield around her 

( she never gains the ability to control people's minds but her daughter Liz does) 

she can play the violin and piano;her mother was a world famous musician, and when she was locked away she would play around with all the musical instruments her mother had.  
She has a variety of other talents:
sewing ( she made dolls of the heroes when she was trapped in her room; she still has them XP )  

she works at a cosplay cafe; Mei-li is the only one who knows currently 
(I keep wanting to have Danny find out; and I have RPed it twice; but I kinda of want to have him see her in the playboy bunny one XD ) 

Bust: size 34-36 D (age 16) DD (age 28)  G(after Pregnant) 
Waist: Size 23-25 M
Hips: Size 28-30 
(that part might be a bit confusing XP ) 

Height: 5'3

Likes: She tries to like everything 

Dislikes: she is trying to be more like Danny; so she tries to find likeable attributes in everything. 

Fears: having to make hard decisions; losing those she cares about; losing control of her powers

Allergies: Soy 

Favorite Food: Strawberries; Ally loves anything sweet but she loves Strawberries more than anything. (Danny gave her heart shaped strawberries for valentines)

Best friend: Mei-li

Boyfriend/Crush/Fiance: Danny Rand/Iron Fist 

School Info: during the first week of school she was bullied by a group of girls for missing gym and for wearing silk sundress to school; 
though after several months she becomes popular both as Tech-ni and as Ally; boys asking her out; cheerleaders wanting to hang out with her; this causes a rift between her and the others. 
She often (pretty much everyday)  is trying out new veterinarian meals and bring them to Danny as his lunch (as the school does not have a lot of choices)even before become an official couple 

Superhero Info: She fails her first couple missions; but similar to school life she becomes popular after a few months; Tech-ni becomes a celebrity; so much so that many teenage boys Creep on Tech-ni (making hentai's and such with her as a character)
this continues the rift between her and her friends. 

(Note: After awhile Ally ends up breaking; in front of the team crying about how she didn't want this to happen about how she used to watch them on the TV thinking they were so cool and how happy she was to find such love and friends and she didn't want to lose them) 

K'un L'un Info: After passing the tests; she becomes Danny's bride to be; and gets a tatoo of the Iron Fist on her outer left thigh. 

Personality: Ally is outgoing; and kind;expect when it comes to Danny she turns into a shy little mouse then.her unusual outlook on the world is what made her popular, as she is amazed by everything the outside world offers. though she pretty much does whatever Danny tells her too;she has moments when she takes control; but she has never made a joke about Danny, or doing anything that would be against him.
she is also extremely stupid about the outside world often getting trick by people.
she can't say no when asked to do something. 

-She can have sex and be 100% fine but when it comes to romance,she gets extremely nervous.
when people compliment her (or Danny smiles directly at her.) she will hide the bottom half of her face.(which is why she starts to wear a scarf) 

-she is also super stupid when it comes to social situations; she often has to be looked after by her team-mates

-she is easily tricked into doing things 

New-Whenever Danny "surprise" kisses her she send out a static charge that temporarily messes up smaller electronics  

Extra Info:
Ally has a hard time acting around people as she has spent her whole life trapped so she just goes with the flow most of the time ;acting happy go lucky 
her abilities showed up early on;
Ally is kind and caring she wanted to help people and dreamed of Joining Spider-mans team ( she would always watch them on the news)
Her family has had the ability for generations (dating back to the 1500) they where often persecuted for their abilities and decided to hide away from the world (roughly in the 1750's)
Ally felt like her family could have helped people in the past if they had tried; she feels shameful her family had sat back and watched the rest of the world fly by.

their was a family rule that 1 week per year the member who possessed the power would be allowed into the outside world. Lizzie never followed this rule while she kept Ally locked away.

People are drawn to her bright red hair.
in SHIElD she meet many interesting people;
Zoey who becomes her nurse and care-taker
Anne who becomes her mentor and is like a mother to her
Fenzi: who always tricks her into doing stupid shit 


NewFirst Overload (age 16)

Ally's first Overload was brought upon by her fame; as both Ally Evens and "Tech-ni" she extremely popular where as the rest of the team was not; this formed a gap between them and Ally pretended like she didn't notice and continued to act like her happy self; Unfortunately her emotions keep going over-board and eventually her body starts to absorbs things around her with-out her telling it to. She looses herself in a tornado of Tech and leaves the school going on a rampage.

The Avengers get called in but after a long battle she manages to bring them down; during this time the team show up horrified at what they see; they try to talk to her but she just bats them around;

eventually Danny is able to reach her and bring her back to "Ally"
(Same Arch) 
Weeks later Ally still hasn't come out of her room, going crazy over her guilt (though she did not kill anyone) 

Danny keeps coming by her room and asking her sometimes to the point of begging to come out; Fenzi gets sick of this and knocks the door down; Ally and Fenzi have a "heart to heart" (more like Fenzi screaming and Ally listening) 

(Same Arch) 
During this time a Man named General Hash keeps showing up to force Fury into handing Ally over to the US government; claiming "she is a weapon of mass destruction" 
this is the first instance in which someone has refereed to her as a weapon.
(at least when she over hears it)

(Same Arch) 

eventually Danny and the gang are able to get her "out of her funk" and everything returns to normal;

though 2 weeks after things get 100% back to normal (at least for them) Hash shows up with a 24 hour warrant; (meaning he can take Ally with him without Fury's approval; but it will only last 24 hours) 

The group over hears this and sets off to keep Ally away from the US soldiers searching the tricarrier; 

eventually though Hash finds her and the group surround her, ready to fight but by this time the warrant is up (though Spider-man still gives his speech about how she is one of them) 

Hash leaves empty handed and the teams hangs out watching old movies 

Ally's Trials (age 17) (Danny/Mei-li/and Peter where there) 
Ally makes a deal with the elders; Danny can live in both worlds if she completes all 3 trails

1st Trail:
Ally must soak in purified water for 48 hours

2nd Trail:
(haven't fully thought this one yet) 

3rd Trail:
Ally must climb a mountain wearing only a thin white under-kimono; she must go to the top and retrieve the sword that rests there

along the way Ally passes out (or she assumes she does) she meets a dragon who tells her she is destined to be with Danny and to the two would change K'un L'un for the better;
the dragon helps her reach the top; to retrieve the sword 


Danny's Trails (age 17) (set up by Lizzie) 

Lizzie sets up a series of trails for Danny if he can pass them she swears never to go near him or her sister again 

1st Trail:
watch as Ally is raped and then whether to accept her after being tainted or reject her 

2nd Trail:
Danny must sit in a room full of naked (10/10) women throwing themselves at him without touching a single one for an hour 

(Lizzie has Deadpool break Ally's Leg)
Danny must help Ally through a maze of her bad memories and greatest fears. 
during which he is only allowed to hold her hand to lead her; 

After Danny and Ally complete the trails; Ally wabbles over to Lizzie and hugs her despite Danny and Peter trying to keep her from doing so.

Ally then tells Lizzie she will always love her sister no matter what;
Lizzie breaks down crying and Ally talks her into going to the hospital and restart taking her meds 
Nate Rape: (age 17)
After Nate rapes Ally she finds her way back to the ship and never tells anyone about what happened; though Danny can't help but feel something is off with her but he assumes she will tell him later 
The Kule Family: (age 20) 
the Kule family starts making more and more aggressive moves to force powerful females and males into marrying their family 

eventually Ally gets kidnapped and Almost married to Eren Kule 
but the wedding gets stopped by the team 

the Kule Family was behind the Superhero Ball as well 


The Fanboy Incident: (age 24) 
-Ally/Tech-ni are extremely popular; Tech-ni has many fans, most of which are teenage boys; 

-After fighting off Kraven Ally is hit with a dart filled with some knock out drugs.

_Ally took an oath to never harm a civilan  

When Ally awakens she is in a house in a richy neighbor; a boy by the name of "Rick Fort"
approaches her telling her he is her biggest fan. Ally tries to talk him into letting her go but her words only seem to fuel his fire more. 

he talks about all this "special" merch he had made of her, and that he is working on a body pillow and ona-hole of her; 
but he wants them to be 100%  so he strips her down and takes pictures of her entire naked body (leaving her mask on; as he loves Tech-ni not as he puts it "the girl under her" ) 
even getting close up shots of her breasts and pussy. 
after he takes her pictures he removes his pants. Ally starts crying, Rick plainly states "I am not raping you, I just need to make sure I have the most actuate data for the ona-hole. 
he starts to rape her but ends up getting interrupted as the gang bust into the room.
Danny loses his Zen and tries to attack Rick only to be stopped by Powerman and Spiderman;


100$+ Ally ContestNote: yes you can still donate prizes as well; All Prize Donators will be entered to win my Xmas Package (since I don't enter SS's or do anything gift wise for Christmas; I do this) (Xmas package contains: 1 full year membership; 3 Custom Icons; 3 full couple pics (with shading); 1 One-shot; 1 Queen; and 2 free commissions )
this is partially the reason I created the Fanclub :iconally-evens-fc:
since I plan to host MANY 100$ Ally Based Contest in the future
-Must be a member of :iconally-evens-fc:
(note: this is only because any sort of info change or such will be posted there)
-Must submit your Entry/Entries to the Group
-Can have up to 3 Entries
-Ally and Danny Must both be present in your entry
-you are allowed multiple part entries
-NO BASES WHAT SO EVER! (this is for 100$...)
-if you are a prize donator you may still enter
-NO OOC PLEASE ( I won't count the entry if you do)
-BACKGROUND PREFERRED (not going to force it but it will increase your chance of winning)


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Overload Stuff

Commission - Ally Overload by KaoHatakeOverload by egoetrexmeusAlly Overload type 1 by Fandom-OC-Queen Overloaded (mini-short)Danny reached out a hand gingerly, Overload shirked back; Danny's eyes widen whether with excitement or fear he didn't know all he knew was she reacted to him; she had defeated the Avengers and their team single handily; but she stopped short attacking him.
He reached out to her again and she pulled back the layer of static fazed his skin. causing a thin line of blood. He realized...they might not need to kill her....there was another way...or at least he hoped his theory was right.
Danny pulled his hand up, to his mask; he took a quick survey of the area everyone who wasn't a hero was evacuated already and Overload had already fused with any nearby cameras.
He quickly undid his mask; he looked into her eyes, and he swore he saw Ally inside.
He reached out once more and this time she did not move as he touched her face. gently stroking it. she didn't move but her gaze stayed fixed upon him. "Its okay ....I am here...." he whispered moving closer.
He grasped her face with both hands and
Ally Overload Type  3 by Fandom-OC-QueenAllly Overload Type 2 by Fandom-OC-Queen

Ally Pics

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Mature Content

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Ally x Danny Pics

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Mini-Oneshot: Ally finds a jobAlly glared at the store’s display; Mei-li’s birthday was next month, she knew what she wanted but she didn’t have the money and she didn’t want to bother anyone else for it.
In the display was a set of BFF necklaces; together they formed a heart; and on the back you could get your best friend’s name on the back. The front had fake gems plastered on it, the necklace its self was pure gold.
Mei-li liked simple things; she wasn’t too big on jewelry but Ally knew she would wear this.
Ally had been job searching all day, looking for any place that was hiring, nearby the jewelry store.
She was just about to give up when she was approached by a finely dressed man. “Hello miss are you looking for a job?” he asked moving his hand through his slick back hair.
“Yes!” ally said excitedly, holding her hands together.
“We just opened today and it turns out we are short staffed, Could you help us for today?...If you do a good enough j
OC Interview: Ally EvensRULES:
1. Pick one of your OCs
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were that OC.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they have been tagged with a link from your journal.
OC: Ally (age 22 based) ( with some Danny thrown in XD)
1. What is your name?
Ally: Ally Evens..
2. Do you know why you are named that?
Ally: I don't know actually
3. Are you single or taken?
Ally: *blushes* *covers up bottom half of face with scarf*
Danny: she is engaged to me :I
Ally: I-----I-----I ----I--- *slowly slides into a crouching position on the floor while repeating I*
4. Have any abilities or powers?
Ally: I have the ability to control/manipulate the entire Electro-Magnetic-Spectrum
5. Stop being a Mary Sue.
Allly: oh! ummmm I don't know what a Mary-Sue is! But I am terribly sorry for being one!!
6. What's your eye color?
Ally: purple
7. How about hair color?
Ally: red.....people say its a weird shade but I mean my mother and sister both have similar color...
Mini-Oneshot: Ally cooks a tofu burgerAlly glared at the pan, inside it was shriveled up piece of tofu.
Mei-li sat at the table trying to hold in her laughter. When it came to cooking Ally was for the most part good at it, though she seemed to have a great difficulty cooking burgers.Ally turned toward the small amount of wall between the cabinet and fridge, she banged her head on it lightly. “I am the worst girlfriend, ever!” Her ponytail bounced around as she continued to bang her head.
Mei-li giggled a little to herself; Ally had been trying to cook a tofu burger for well over an hour now.
Mei-li had offered to help earlier but Ally had demanded that she do it herself. Mei-li had secretly made flashcards on how to cook tofu burgers. She knew how much it would mean to Ally to be able to do it on her own.
Mei-li touched her necklace; it was a gift from Ally for her birthday. Proof that Ally thought of her as more than just a team-mate.; she smiled slightly remembering when Ally had given it to her.
Ally threw h
Danny Rand (Iron Fist) X Ally (OC)  Today was a beautiful day for Ally. Why, you ask? Because this day was one of those where she could just be with her husband, Danny Rand, and not be bothered by anyone or anything. Even Fury allowed them to be put off the list of people to call if they were some problems this day. She really was grateful for that kind action, and have to remember to thank him for that. Of course they were together nearly all the days every day, but it wasn’t the same because they had work to do, and this was blocking them for doing stuff they liked.
  It wasn’t really a normal thing for them to be just left alone and do something they liked, like a normal couple. And today was one of those precious days, where they just have to bother about what to do next and what to eat, what to wear, or where to go. It was a day of liberty and peace. She was waiting for him at the exit of their apartment buildings, wearing a deep violet dress, and her hairs tucked into a french braid. She was
[Marvel] Anne meets AllyThe young brown-haired woman sighed as she looked at the papers she had on her desk. She knew she had said Fury she would help with the new recruits, but that was too much. He kept sending her profiles every day. At first, it was interesting seeing all of the new recruits and to see their reactions to S.H.I.E.L.D. But after a while, the recruits started to not care about the basics and that was not so interesting.
But, Fury said there was an interesting new person to join them. Anne couldn't lie, she was curious. No matter how annoyed she was at the director, she was curious about it. Anne picked the sheets, and started to search through the amount of papers. She ended up stopping in one. It was a young girl with bright-red hair and a smile on her face. Her name was Ally Evens.
"The one who was rescued by Spiderman's team…" Anne whispered, sitting on a chair, reading it. "Ability to control tech…" She stopped reading, thinking in what Ally's power could be or in what type o
Slumber Party! (One Shot)It was the end of the school day, and the beginning of the weekend. Ally walked out with Danny, hands intertwined until Mei-Li wrapped her arms around the red headed teen’s neck from behind “Hey, you want to have a slumber party at my place? It’ll be awesome!” she said grinning.
Ally looked at Danny wondering if he would be alright with it when he nodded “I’ll tell Nick where you are, but I think he’ll know.” she smiled and turned to Mei-Li “Sure!” she said excitedly, the black haired teen grinned.
“Great! See you tonight!! Bring a pair of pajamas, and some clothes, I have the rest covered.” She told her. The red head nodded smiling.
Later that day, as eight rolled around Ally was at Mei-Li’s home, she already met her parents.
But she was a bit nervous, she’s never had a slumber party before, she’s seen them in movies but never really experienced one. But the excitement for it, seemed to override
Ally: First meetingAlly sat in her room staring at the TV. She watched boredly as the in-human and childish character danced around on the screen, singing about not judging a book by its cover. She sighed, clicking buttons on her chair she moved to the window; her entire life she had never left this mansion and she had not left her room in 12 years. All she knew of the outside world were in books; TV shows; movies and what she could see from her little window.  Suddenly a loud explosion rang out the ground shook; “LIZZIE!” Ally shouted with all her might. She moved to the door opening it to see a note from her sister; the note said “Ally; gone to deal with work problems be back soon.”  “Oh! Bother.” Ally said under her breath. Right before another quake happened knocking her out of her chair.
She crawled on the floor trying to get to her bedside table; There was an emergency phone there; it was directly linked to her sisters cell so all she had to do was pick
Mini-Short Loki-Child ArchAlly stared at Danny; her eyes wide she squealed running up to him. "SO Cute!" She shouted hugging his head into her chest.
Danny's face turned bright red for two reasons, 1stly his entire face was surrounded in Ally' breasts and 2nd he couldn't breath. Nova Coughed, "Ah Ally I don't think he can breath..." Feng said. Ally blushed setting Danny down on the ground;
Danny looked at the ground trying to calm down his blush; that was overly ...intimate in front of the team. "Well can we stop the awkwardness" Nova said as everyone looked at the ground, it wasn't too bad but it felt like they had interrupted them...doing something else...
Ally looked at her team they were cute like, chibis and least that is what she thought they were called. Ally really wanted to cuddle Danny's tiny body more but she figured that would only make him upset...or more upset...she wasn't sure...

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Mature Content

Ally's first day of SchoolIt was Ally’s first day of school she was extremely excited so much so she called Mei-Li  and begged her to come help her pick out which sundress to wear ….at  4 am.  Mei-Li yawned, she wanted to be there for her best friend but she was never up this early. Mei-Li sighed “Why do you have so many sun-dresses?” she asked her friend who was rifling through her closet. Ally shrugged “I can use my ability better without showing a lot of skin and I kind of suck at fashion.” Ally said looking away and blushing.
If Mei-Li wasn’t so tried she would be excited as well, after all, Ally had been in the hospital ward for 6 weeks. Ally was recovering fine from the way they had found her, or at the very least she could walk on her own. This wasn’t just her first day to school it was her first day walking…or at least as far as she could remember.
Mei-Li smiled lightly she was truly happy for her friend. “Which one lavender or v
Ally's Evil HeartAlly walked through the near empty hallways; because of her job at the Cafe; the crime fighting and general chaos she had to take evening classes. She was in her second year of college having to take a year off to go to K'un L'un with Danny; the two had a ceremony to perform....again...
Every 2 or 3 years they would get called back to do a special ceremony, though this time it took much longer than most. Danny had stayed behind in K'un L'un and was going to come back sometime next week; though Ally wasn't really sure what day.
She felt someone watching her and turned around to see a high school boy. She looked around nervously. "Ummm...Can...I you with something....." Ally said trying to be nice she expected that he was from a high school that was touring the college and perhaps he had gotten lost.
The boy had a wide grin across his face. he reached out and quickly grabbed a handful of Ally's hair.
"OW!" she said dropping her books on the floor;  Suddenly she felt an inten


Ally's creations: A B C and D (naming help) by Fandom-OC-QueenAlly's gilder by Fandom-OC-QueenF2U Journal Skin: Danny x Ally 1 by Fandom-OC-Queen Danny and Ally Quotesthis is more for fun than anything XD
"I will protect you from the World and the World from you" - Danny to Ally
"Red isn't your color; you should try green instead!" -Ally to Juggernaut
(Ally's vain attempt at smack talk)
"Forgiveness isn't a sin" - Ally to Sam
(when talking about Lizzie)
"Dude I think ALLY just out-zenned DANNY!" -Sam
( on the subject of Ally was willing to die and even forgave her assassin )
"Ok we seriously need to keep a check-list of how many times Ally out-zens Danny." -Peter  


i WANT MORE~~~~ :iconmusicnoteplz:
here are some changes on the way 

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this is why my commissions are rarely ever open 

6) only the following are allowed to order Specialty Commissions
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Ally felt hands wrap around her waist before she could make a sound, she was pulled into the janitors closet. She felt someone's warm breath hit the back of her neck, "It's okay." said a voice Ally knew very well.

Danny reached up his left hand turning on the small light, Danny hugged her close to him,
Ally's face had turned as red as her hair, Danny was being uncharacteristically loving, though she had been noticing a slight difference in the way he looked at her ever since the two first made love, she could feel his erection through her tights;

"I am sorry to ask this of you...but can you help me..." Danny said in a breathless whisper


He sat in the desk chair and pulled her on to his lap. “I can’t_” Ally’s words were cut off by a kiss from Danny, “shhh, I just want to hold you…” He said pulling her close.

The couple stay there together unaware of the angry blue eyes watching them.

Nate was walking down the hallways; He was looking for Ally as she had promised to watch the “Walking Dead” marathon with him. He was walking towards a locker when he heard a sound from inside the Janitors closet he didn’t think much of it; most of the students were in class so the janitor was probably in his office; at least that was what he thought till he heard a moaning sound; He realized it sounded like Ally...

Nate decided a quick peak couldn’t hurt after all he doubted Ally was actually having sex in such a dirty place, the door was unlocked and the janitors door hing had been broken for awhile so it only took a tiny push to open it;

He peaked inside expecting to see the Janitor watching a porno or something, but what he say made his eyes water. he bit back the tears and watched in anger as Danny Rand. pounded into his beloved Ally Evens.

(Full Lemon on my tumblr)
Mini-Short: Nate Arch
tell me which Arch the short comes from
if you don't know the name of the short just tell me what part of Ally's story (ie episode and such ) you think it came from

Prizes: (because these are much harder to do the prizes are much higher)
1st person to answer:
Couple Max (for any Marvel Fandom Family Couple) or Single Max (for any Marvel Fandom Family OC)


Bow to The Queen!
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Hey Everyone! I am planning to do something called "Couple Ask" where you ask both characters of gthe ship something/first is Ally x Danny 

1 deviant said Sweetneess!
No deviants said I already have a question for them

Couple AU Project: DC 

3 deviants said Amy x Damien Wayne
2 deviants said Carrie x Bart
1 deviant said Reverence x Roy Haper
1 deviant said Veronica x Billy Batson
1 deviant said Sasonia x Connor Hawk
No deviants said Annalee x Jamie Reyes
No deviants said Yuki x Morgan
No deviants said Dravina x Edward Bloomberg

Couple AU Project: Marvel (1) 

1 deviant said Eve x Miles
1 deviant said Jinx x Kurt
No deviants said Annie x Pietro
No deviants said Lizzie x Wade
No deviants said Marcia x David
No deviants said Todd x Ava
No deviants said Janie x Luke
No deviants said Jenny x Amadas
No deviants said Xieal x Jesse
No deviants said Axelle x Raizo

Couple AU Project: Marvel (2) 

1 deviant said Oea x Hawkeye
1 deviant said Mary x Thane
No deviants said Kie x Richard Rider
No deviants said Amy x Robbie
No deviants said Kilalia x Groot
No deviants said Deah x Falcon


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Danny x Ally <3 <3 <3

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